I picked up David Deida’s book, Way of the Superior Man to understand men better. It was a goldmine. Chapter 23 is called “Your Attraction to the Feminine is Inevitable.” In it, Deida explains that the feminine can bring the masculine a “wave of refreshment” and can “fill your whole day with delight.”

I had no idea I could have that kind of impact on men just by being there. This insight helped me become more generous with myself and in moments, more confident. In a casual conversation with a man at work or out in the world, I developed the inward knowing that a simple interaction with me as a feminine being could give him a lift and a gift.

And so when I apply this wisdom to Cuddle Sanctuary, I better understand this question:

How many women will be coming to this event?

I get this question a lot from men. I used to find this repeated question frustrating. I’d think to myself, this person doesn’t understand the spirit of these events. We cuddle like kids – platonically. It shouldn’t matter!

But for him, it does, and now I get it. It’s very possible that he is depleted and in need to soak up some feminine energy. Can you identify with this? If you need a good dose of the feminine, I’ve got a few tips for you.

So really, how many women will there be?!

If you’re curious how many women will be coming to an event, don’t post that question publicly. Women will read it and often choose not to come because we are worried that we will be overwhelmed with your need. (You’ll create the very situation you don’t want – how ironic is that?)

Instead, take a risk, attend and then…

Soak up the energy of the room

At Cuddle Sanctuary, there is a nurturing, loving “energy” in the room itself – especially about 45 minutes into the event. Even if you’re not cuddling someone at the moment, you can breathe in this hard-to-describe, invisible quality, bask in it and gain benefit. This requires you to make a mental adjustment away from hunting and aspiring and toward a different part of yourself – one that can relax, breathe and be.

David Deida says, “There is never a shortage of feminine energy, only a resistance to receiving, trusting and embracing it.”

Go Straight to the Source

Maybe you don’t want to leave it to chance by going to a public event. Maybe you’d just like to get your needs met by luxuriating in feminine energy for 60 minutes. That’s the unspoken opportunity when you treat yourself to a professional cuddling session with a feminine human. And yes, it’s absolutely possible for you to enjoy feminine energy without the experience being sexual. That’s an ability you deserve to master because it increases the variety and number of beautiful moments you can enjoy with the feminine in your life. David Deida offers gems on that topic starting on page 147. ; – )

(Psst! If you want to read more on the subject try this: Straight Men Curious About Gender Balancing.)


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