The first time I was introduced to cuddling as a profession, it was through the media.

I came across a couple of articles of people paid to hug and snuggle, and there was a moment of instant recognition for me. I saw exactly how meaningful and therapeutic this work could be – I had found my calling!

It took me no time to get started! I found myself learning everything I could about the industry, and showing up to every single cuddle event I could find – both in and out of my city. Back then, there weren’t any certification programs. Only a small handful of people doing the one-on-one work in a public way. There wasn’t a collective “know-how” around the work of one-on-one professional cuddling, just a few tenacious pioneers figuring it out as they charged ahead.

The landscape has changed a bunch since then. More and more, we see discussions happening around the need for touch.  And every day, lots more people are finding out about it in the way I did and who are answering the siren’s call.

What I wished I’d Known

Fast forward to today. This is now my career. I get to work with lots of amazing clients, and even teach others how to do this work.

It’s a pretty sweet gig, if I do say so myself. It’s some of the most rewarding work I have ever done — but it’s still a job; one that comes with a unique set of challenges.

When done well, this job can be so healing – for both the client and practitioner. When done irresponsibly, it can cause real harm.

The intimate nature of this work demands an deep inner clarity from those of us who provide this service. My work requires me to have my self care, emotional and intimate life in balance. I have to be very clear about so many things, from my boundaries to my relationship with money. My own biases, my need to be important and helpful, my relationship with sex and sexuality – those are inquiries I come into contact with on the job every day.


There’s a Road Map

I’ve been lucky enough to train with and learn from some pretty kick-ass industry leaders. But I wished that right at the start of my journey, there was someone to sit me down and explain to me the ins and outs of this work.

This video is the conversation I wished someone had with me before I started. I’ve laid out 5 questions to ask yourself – both as you are considering this as a job, and also to continue asking while you are doing the work.

Facebook Live Video: Think you have what it takes to be a Professional Cuddler? 


If, like me, you’ve recognized this to be your vocation, you don’t have to re-invent the wheel and figure it out from scratch. We’ve got a road map for you. Come learn more about this work at one of our free webinars, or better yet, come get some hands-on training! Join us in February 23-25 for our Professional Cuddler Training Program!



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