Welcome to Day 1 of the Cuddle Sanctuary Workshop Facilitator Training Program! On our first busy morning together, we’ll get to know each other and dive right into learning the basics of how to facilitate three elements of a good cuddle:

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Opening Circle


Body and Breath


You’ll be learning experientially every step of the way. We’ll begin with a demonstration of the element that we’re working on. From there we’ll deconstruct it in a group discussion. After that, you’ll get a chance to try it out. We’ll provide feedback so we can all learn from each other. All feedback will be constructive and respectful. Each participant will get tips and suggestions for how to take their skills to the next level.

We’ll charge forward by exploring three more important elements of Cuddle Sanctuary:

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“No Thank You” Exercise

Hug/No Hug Exercise

Group Debriefs


This portion of the day will allow us to delve into the important interpersonal work that creates a safe and trusting environment for participants.

Next we’ll go over our secrets for helping a bunch of strangers evolve quickly into a group of friends by exploring how to lead Paired Practices, Demonstrations and a Guided Cuddle Labs. These elements help participants cross a threshold towards more touch and less facilitation. All of our careful work creating trust and transparency leads to this moment. It takes strong leadership to set up both the paired and group practice. And you’ll be getting all the tips you need.

Setting up a demonstration for participants is an artform. We’ll explore best practices on how to do it and as with everything in the training – you’ll have time to practice and receive feedback.

With mastery of each of the above portions of our cuddle workshops, your participants can easily transition to their favorite part: Cuddling! You’ll be amazing how you can smoothly lead your group to begin the Voluntary Cuddle Lab. They’ll thank you for it!

You’ll finish the day learning how to lead a powerful, satisfying Closing Circle so that your participants leaves feeling happy and complete.

Friday Night

On Friday night, you’ll experience an exclusive cuddle for just cuddle workshop students. Get ready to melt into connection, affection and fun. You’ll have a chance to try out what you learned during the day in an ultra-safe, nurturing environment. School has never been this fun.




We’ve got lotScreen Shot 2016-01-29 at 6.10.21 PMs to do on Day 2 so we’ll be meeting bright and early. We’ll start off with a debrief of our first day of learning. From there we’ll discuss the “pros and cons” of gender balancing and practice the art of setting boundaries as a leader. We’ll take time to explore the business aspects of leading cuddle events and answer any questions you have.

In the afternoon, you’ll have a chance to receive individual coaching and also to practice leading different parts of a cuddle workshop. You’ll receive lots of group and individual feedback from your trainers and your peers.

We’ll go over what to expect for your Practicum, with guidance on how to prepare so you can be at your best.

Saturday Night – Evening (Optional) Event

Each Saturday night – rain or shine – Cuddle Sanctuary offers a themed cuddle event for the public. You can choose to attend this event and see everything you’ve learned in action. If you decide you need the night off to rest and prepare for Sunday, that’s totally your choice.

Sunday “The Practicum”

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 6.19.42 PMWe’ve got lots more practice cued up for you on Sunday. You and your fellow students will set up, greet guests and each have a part to play in facilitating two cuddle workshops. There’s so much to learn when theory meets practice! We’ll debrief the morning, have lunch at a local Mexican restaurant and then do it again in the afternoon.

You’ll continue your learning experience with the second community event of the day. Then – as quickly as it all started – we’ll be done. We’ll celebrate with a closing circle, poignant goodbyes. You  can take photos if you’d like.

Are you ready for your adventure? We have a limited number of spots. Apply now!

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