Introducing: The Cuddle Game


The Cuddle Game

The Cuddle Game is a fun way to master the basics for having nurturing cuddle experiences.

  • Wish you had a way to break the ice with a potential cuddle buddy?
  • Longing to bridge the gap so that you can cuddle with your friends?
  • Care to learn the art of cuddling – completely separate from a sexual experience?
  • Want to experience more intimacy and connection with your partner?

The Cuddle Game is a guide to amazing cuddle experiences. 

Playing is as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Cuddle Game Instructions
  2. List of Cuddle Ideas
  3. Winning Cuddle Points

To make sure you have the best Cuddle Game possible, you’ll also receive four bonus items.

  1. What If I Get Turned On? Tips for Everyone
  2. Six Designer Cuddle Themes
  3. Navigating Touch with Your Cuddle Buddy (video)
  4. Turning a Room Into a Cuddle Sanctuary (video)

Just $14.95 and SO worth it!

(and fully refundable if, after going through it, you decide it’s not for you)

Get the Cuddle Game

First you’ll receive the Game Instructions which covers tons of helpful topics including:

Keeping it Safe and Fun – You’ll learn all about The Ask and Wait Method and how to bring relaxation, security and nourishment into your cuddle experience using a list of agreements and something called a silent alarm.

Where and When to Cuddle – You’ll know how to decide between public and private venues, how to fit cuddling into your day and life and the reason why timing your cuddles may create more successful experiences.

Hygiene and Clothing – We’ll explore the simple things you can do to make sure your body and breath are both cuddle-friendly. (Hint: cologne isn’t one of them!)

Next you and your cuddle buddy can mark up your List of Cuddle Ideas.

This list can help you learn each other’s preferences and boundaries. Item by item you can learn whether spooning, shoulder rubs or holding hands are possibilities. Does your cuddle buddy love hugs and dislike feet? Good information to know! Your List of Cuddle Ideas paves the way to smooth and fun cuddle experiences by making the challenging questions easier to ask.

How can you win points?

What behaviors wins you cuddle points? Being a good sport helps. Having great boundaries really helps. The rest can be found in this handy document. You can play the game informally without points or – for the competitive cuddlers – play to win!

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To make sure you have the best Cuddle Game possible, you’ll also receive four bonus items.

What If I Get Turned On? Tips for Everyone 

Time and again I’ve had people say that their fear of getting aroused by accident is enough to keep them from cuddling. In this short guide, you’ll learn six tools to move your sexual energy from erotic back to Rated G.

Six Designer Cuddle Themes 

These designer cuddle themes will increase your options, skills and fun. Consider the “Music Lovers Theme,” the “Celebration Theme” or other creative ideas I’ve cooked up for you.

Get the Cuddle Game
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Navigating Touch with Your Cuddle Buddy (video)

In this video, you’ll see demonstrations of the Ask and Wait Method in action. This is the secret sauce of how to create a safe environment for yourself and your cuddle buddy.

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Staging Your Space (video)

In this silly yet practical video, I’ll share with you helpful tips for making your place a haven for cuddling.

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The Cuddle Game is only $14.95!

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