For every person who walks through our doors, there are hundreds who want to, need to but don’t feel comfortable to.

Weird. Strange. Not for me. People don’t say these words out loud when I’m telling then about Cuddle Sanctuary, but I can often sense that they carry unexamined assumptions.

The attendees who come to our events include single parents and others who are divorced, widowed or not in a relationship. This describes so many people in Los Angeles. By the end of our weekly sanctuaries, people express gratitude for having found us and acknowledge that coming to Cuddle Sanctuary fulfills a need in their lives.

So where’s the rest of them?

Even though we’ve been featured prominently in the media, have a beautiful website and are doing all the right things to market ourselves, each week, we have space for more people to attend. To me what’s going on is obvious – we’re just too taboo. The very concept of a cuddle event conjures up unquestioned beliefs in the minds of those who hear about it. Fei and I decided to do something about it.

Myth Busters

myth buster

This week, we tackle the issue head on by calling out five myths about cuddle events. Here they are:

  1. Cuddle events are really secret sex parties.
  2. If I attend, people will touch me that I don’t want and I will be pressured to touch others.
  3. If I don’t like the event, I’ll be trapped and won’t feel comfortable leaving.
  4. The people at the event will think that I’m weird.
  5. My friends won’t understand.

Do you believe any of these myths? This video explores them all. (Hint: One of these myths is accurate.)

If you’ve been wanting to attend a cuddle event and need some extra support, check out Fei’s blog, Pre-Cuddle Nerves and How To Not Let Them Get In the Way.


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