Did you know that we call our Professional Cuddling service the “Affection Spa”? Have you been thinking about trying it out but you’re simply not sure what to expect?


You’re not alone. Professional Cuddling is a relatively new service, so most of the clients we see for the first time have never experienced it before. Here are some of our most frequently asked questions (FAQ). Hopefully that will give you a better idea of what to expect, and helps you feel more prepared for your first session with us.


What’s the difference between a Cuddle Sanctuary Workshop and an Affection Spa?

Cuddle workshops are public events lead by a facilitator, where you primarily interact and/or cuddle with other attendees. The Affection Spa is a service provided to you by a professional in a one-on-one setting (like a massage, but with cuddling, caressing, and/or conversation). No touch is required in either setting.


How long does a session last?

Sessions range from 30-120 mins. (We provide longer sessions upon request.) For your first time, we recommend starting with 60 minutes.


How much does it cost?  

Sessions are $80/ hour, or $50 for 30 mins


Where are sessions held?

Most sessions take place at the residence of the professional cuddler. Our cuddlers are located in and around Los Angeles, particularly on the Westside. 


Can you come to me?

Yes, some of our Professional Cuddlers provide out-calls for an additional fee.


What are the fees for outcalls?

We can come to you for an additional $40/hour of round-trip travel. Sessions length must be equal to or more than travel time.


How does payment work?

We’ll send you a payment link that you can complete online. We accept all major credit cards and cash.


Should I leave a tip?

Thank you for wanting to be generous! No tips needed here. We are happy to receive exactly the rate we asked for. In lieu of tipping, would you leave us a positive review and/or book a session with us again instead?


I’m not in Los Angeles. Is there a Cuddle Sanctuary where I am?

Not yet. But if you’d like to partner with us through our affiliate program, you can bring Cuddle Sanctuary to your city! 


What do I wear?

Wear clothes that are scent-free and conducive to cuddling. Think PJs, T-shirts and sweatpants or yoga wear. As long as you’re in a minimum of a tank-top and long shorts, you’re a-ok!  You’ll have time to get settled and change in the bathroom before the session begins.  


What happens in a session?

Once you’ve changed and gotten settled, we start with a short conversation, and then guide you through some breathing and relaxation activities to get you started. Sessions can be fully guided or co-created based on your preferences. It can include eye-contact, hugging, sharing conversation or quiet, hand-holding, caressing, spooning and lots of other G-rated activities. You can come with your ideas and requests, and our professional cuddlers also have a large repertoire of cuddle positions and activities to offer.


Is it really non-sexual?

Yes! We take great care in keeping our sessions completely G-rated. We understand the importance of sex, sexuality and sex work; it’s simply not the service we offer. Non-romantic, non-sexual touch (think siblings!) is what we’re all about. We vet every client to make sure that they are a good fit for our services, and talk openly about what we do and don’t offer. 


What if I get aroused?

No big deal. We get that our bodies can react in many different ways – all of which are healthy and human. We’ll just make adjustments so it doesn’t take focus. We trust you to help us keep the space non-sexual in action and intention, and to make sure that any possible arousal isn’t stoked in any way. 


I’m afraid I might cry. Is that ok?

Yes, absolutely. Please allow yourself to – it can feel amazing to cry while you’re being held. We like to quote Cuddle Party in saying that tears and laughter are welcome here. We’ll even have a box of tissues close by just for that!


What kind of clients do you usually see?

Our clients come to us for many reasons, from seeking relaxation and self-care, to working through trauma around touch. They range all across the gender spectrum, some are single and some are in relationships. The one thing our clients have in common is that they understand the importance of having consistent, healthy human touch in their lives, and are great at taking action in getting those needs met.


What are the benefits of an Affection Spa session?

Hugging or cuddling for more than 20 seconds releases oxytocin, also known as the hug hormone. It lowers stress and cortisol, increases heart health, decreases inflammation, promotes better sleep, strengthens your immune system, builds trust, and can give you an overall sense of wellness. It’s pretty amazing!


I can’t make our appointment after all. Can I cancel or reschedule?

We have a 24-hour cancellation policy – just make sure you let us know at least 24 in advance! 


How do I become a professional cuddler?

Most professional cuddlers in the industry are self-employed or work as independent contractors. Most of us do this part-time, but those dedicated to the work of building a practice and clientele have made this into a thriving career. If you’re interested in doing this work, we have a free Webinar, and offer a 3-day certification program that will give you lots of hands-on practice that prepares you to do this work. You can apply for the Professional Cuddler Training here. 


Are you hiring?

We are always looking to bring on compassionate and professional human beings to our team who have been certified through our program. Keep in mind that certifying is not a promise of employment, and that all of our cuddlers are independent contractors working on a part-time basis. If you care deeply about changing the world one hug at a time, reach out to us at support@cuddlesanctuary.com


How do I book a session?

Simply fill out this appointment request form and you’ll hear from us shortly! Our first step is to schedule an intake phone call with you. Once administrative steps and payment are completed, we’ll send you the address of your cuddle with instructions for arrival! 

We hope we’ve answered your questions about our Affection Spa. Sessions are incredibly relaxing, healing and therapeutic and we are excited to share this with you. We hope you’ll treat yourself to one soon!

Have a question we didn’t answer? Ask away in the comments below and we’ll be happy to respond!


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