As you may know, I received a warm email from someone from Canada a few months ago. He had seen a video about our professional cuddling practice and wanted to reach out. He’s a corporate guy and asked that his identify remain private. We’ll call him Dave. Dave tells me that cuddling has changed his life and that he enthusiastically supports this growing movement. His essay on January 19th got more comments than most of our blogs! When he sent me this email about his recent experience while traveling, I knew you would want to read it, too.

Here’s Dave.


I had a very interesting experience at the airport.

For the last while, I have been feeling like I’ve been getting my “senses” back. I felt blind for a couple of years –  like my intuition had left me. Now I can rely again on my instinct to guide me. In a crowded lounge I found myself sitting across from a woman in her late 20s. She struck up a conversation with me, with the classic “So, where are you off to?” I looked into her eyes and saw a profound sadness that I couldn’t shake. A few minutes of conversation and I learned she was on her way home after a funeral, her grandfather had passed away.

Then, the weirdest thing came out of my mouth. “Can I offer you a hug?”

She stood up and before I could get fully on my feet, she was hugging me so tightly. I reciprocated and she cried softly for a little while – I know not how long, but I also didn’t care. Didn’t care who was looking at us, or how long the hug went on for. When we released each other, she looked me in the eyes – the sadness had subsided – she took the tissue from my hands that I had ready, dabbed her eyes, and smiled.

All she said, softly, in such a way I’m sure I will never forget, was “Thank you.”

At that moment, my flight was announced and I had to leave; I reached out for her hand and she took mine, held it briefly and we said “Nice to meet you” without speaking any words.

I wanted to share this with you, it was so amazing. This was two days ago…And my mind is just preoccupied. Two complete strangers healing each other. It’s so profound. Maybe that one offer of a hug truly did change her life? What a wonderful thought.



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