I’ve noticed over the years that if a Cuddle Sanctuary regular hasn’t attended in a few months, that person often feels they need to explain to me why it’s been so long. Like they feel guilty.

What they don’t know is that I trust each person’s process. In other words, I may miss you but I also assume that you’re taking good care of yourself. Just like you do when you attend Cuddle Sanctuary.

Sometimes taking good care of yourself means that you attend twice a week. And sometimes it means you attend once in your life.

One former attendee told me that she now has several cuddle buddies and doesn’t feel the need to come to Cuddle Sanctuary anymore. Bravo!

Another person sent me an email today letting me know they weren’t attending because they were out of the country. Awesome!

One regular attendee found a love partner and was taking a deep dive into that new relationship. Makes sense!

I sometimes say that my goal is to cuddle myself out of business. Can you envision a future where every person on the planet is getting the hugs and connection they need each day? Even when traveling? That’s the day that the cuddle industry might joyfully close its collective doors. I wonder if I will see that day in this lifetime.

Until then we’re here. We’re here after a long day at work when you realize that you talked to a lot of people but touched no one. We’re here if you’re in a helping professional, feel depleted and want to fill up on oxytocin. We’re here when you’ve had a break up and need comfort. And we’re here when you want to hang out with likeminded people who “get it” and are happy to give and receive hugs.

So come to events when it suits you. Come to events when it serves you. Come to events when it stretches you.

And don’t pressure yourself to come or succumb to any guilt if you’re not feeling it.

Because I trust that you’re taking care of yourself.


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